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A Free SEO Audit on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

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At our company, we specialize in optimizing and positioning websites in Fuengirola. Through effective techniques, we ensure that search engines index and rank your web page at the top for relevant keywords related to your business. Web positioning involves two crucial actions. Firstly, we focus on internal optimization, which includes structuring and developing text content, images, and videos.


We also establish and specify the keywords that will drive customers to your website. Additionally, we technically optimize your web page and server to ensure fast loading times and geolocation in Spain.


The second aspect of SEO positioning is external, where we enhance the visibility of your website through social media presence, creating references and links from local, regional, or national media outlets, and obtaining mentions from other websites or blogs. Throughout the process, we actively involve our clients in both on-page (SEO On page) and off-page (SEO Off page) strategies. By understanding your strengths and unique value proposition, we reinforce them to not only achieve top rankings but also attract the attention of your potential customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and budgets.

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Grow Your Vision

At iBrokeit we also have a Marketing Online, our mission is to make your company visible in search engines and help you generate customers in Fuengirola. We understand that you are seeking tangible results, and that's exactly what we deliver. Our team is dedicated to providing real and measurable outcomes, converting the search engine positioning we achieve into income for our clients.


We offer a comprehensive and high-quality service tailored to freelancers and companies in Fuengirola. Each web positioning, link building, and content strategy is meticulously selected and designed to ensure your website ranks among the top search results. also with possibility to redesign your website with a new design to enhance our own seo structure With a proven SEO positioning strategy that has benefited numerous entrepreneurs and businessmen like yourself, we provide all of this at competitive prices.

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Presented by Jamal Hi,
Founder & CEO at iBrokeit LTD

CEO and SEO of one company many years experience in repairing this world either by repairing a device like a iPhone or by fixing a companies advertising structure and development.

In this Free Website SEO Audit we will cover

We prioritize the success of our clients


as it is the foundation of our work. That's why, before embarking on any SEO project, we offer a completely free initial consultation.


During this consultation, we analyze the feasibility of the project and estimate the time required to achieve the desired results based on the initial SEO status and the level of competition in the market.


This valuable consultation, which is normally priced at €240, allows us to provide transparent and accurate insights to our clients, ensuring that we can deliver the best possible outcomes for their business.

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  • Market analysis

  • Current SEO Status

  • Online Marketing Tips

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We understand that our clients invest in SEO with the expectation of seeing results


 which is why we pride ourselves on being an honest SEO Agency in Fuengirola. Each month, we provide a detailed report outlining the specific SEO actions we have taken in terms of technical optimization, content creation, and link building. Effective SEO directly impacts website traffic and, consequently, the number of potential clients your company receives.


It is crucial to secure a position on the first page of search engine results, as this is where 90% of the search traffic goes. By achieving good web positioning, your company can enjoy increased brand recognition and gain a significant competitive advantage over your rivals. Our services aim to improve your company's visibility, resulting in more inquiries and sales.


Additionally, we conduct thorough market and competition analysis, which helps us develop a successful SEO strategy tailored to your business. Ultimately, better positioning in search results not only boosts credibility but also fosters trust among potential customers.

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